Hello World!

When learning a new programming language, the first code a student writes is almost always a program that prints “Hello World!”  I thought it fitting to begin my foray into the blogosphere with this statement because it represents where I am and where I hope this blog will go in the future.
I’m not new to blogging — I kept a travel blog while I was studying abroad in college — but I am new to professional blogging.  A few librarians’ blogs — notably Mr. Library Dude and Librarian in Black — were extremely helpful to me during library school, especially as I sought advice on landing a library job.  Now that I have some professional experience to draw on, I’m ready to contribute to the conversation.
As the tagline suggests, this blog will be about more than just libraries and librarianship.  I work the reference desk in a large public library in Central Indiana, so a lot of my updates will probably be about public librarianship in Indiana.  However, when I’m not at the library, I write young adult novels, and I’m looking forward to attending my first writer’s conference in July.  So expect a lot of entries about writing and publishing, too.
I hope this blog will provide a forum to discuss ideas and trends in the library and publishing worlds.  If someday my thoughts and the conversations they spark help a new — or veteran — professional land a job or an agent or a book deal, I’ll be honored to count myself among the mentors of the blogosphere.

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