Favorite apps?

Is there an app for that? Calling all smartphone, tablet, and other mobile device users!  I’m compiling a list of great free and inexpensive (under $3.99) apps to present at a series of Appy Hour programs at my library.  Each month will have a different theme, starting with health/fitness apps in January to help people track their New Year’s resolutions.

I’m really excited about the series, but I’m woefully out of touch with the mobile world.  I resisted getting a smartphone until my dumb phone gasped its last, feeble breaths, and even a year and a half later I’d still prefer to get online with a full-size screen and keyboard rather than bother with most apps. Remember that weird kid who moved from Florida to New York and tried to do things like go swimming after Labor Day or wear shorts in the middle of winter?  That’s me trying to navigate the Google Play Store.  So I’m asking you, readers, to introduce me to the wonders of down coats and seasons that extend beyond “hot” and “hotter.”  What apps have you found fun, useful, informative, etc.?  What do you recommend?  Please share your favorite apps, and the platform(s) you use them on, in the comments.


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