Moving past rejection

Rejected. ​Everyone faces rejection at some point. Writers face it quite often — in the query trenches, on submission, when their books don’t make that list or win that award. Some get tired of all the heartache and give up without reaching their goal of traditional publication, which is a shame, because then the world misses out on some great books, and those writers miss out on the joy of writing them. Because, yes, this business is full of frustration and disappointment and rejection. But it’s also full of joy.

Agent #94 just sent you a form rejection. Your query has been in 94 inboxes, but so far, no one has offered to champion your book. Take an evening or a day to mourn if you have to — you’ve done a lot of work, and faced a lot of disappointment. But once you’ve mourned, or maybe even while you’re mourning (depending on what works for you), step back and remember that initial excitement when you first started writing. Remember the fun you had bringing your story and your characters to life. Remember how much fun every new project is.

Once you’ve mourned and reminisced, sit back down at your desk (or writing chair, etc.). Send another query. Start another project, or go back to one you’ve been meaning to revise. Fall in love with writing again.

Whatever you do, keep going. The only way to guarantee you won’t achieve your goals is to stop reaching for them. In writing and in life, don’t let rejection or the fear of rejection convince you not to try. Remember that the journey toward reaching your goal can be just as rewarding as actually getting there.

And you never know; Agent #95 could be the perfect fit for you and your book.


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