Writing programs at the library

NaNoWriMo crest.As a writer of YA novels and a teen librarian, writing programs at the library allow my two careers to intersect in the best way. I could talk about writing for hours, and love helping newer writers, whether that means pointing them to useful resources or providing feedback on their work. This week, in honor of Teen Read Week, I have a couple writing programs scheduled, and I’m really excited for them!

The first is more based on storytelling than writing specifically. We’ll basically be creating fan fiction and fan art, and I’m placing no limitations on format. People can write, draw, or even rap about their favorite (or least favorite) characters and stories. When I pitched this program at a school visit, one boy said, “We’re gonna rap at the library?”

Yes. Yes, we are.

After that I have a workshop planned that’s focused on novel writing. I’m determined to make the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program a thing at my library this year. I’ve put together a Young Novelist’s Survival Packet that includes lists of helpful websites, worksheets on characters development and plotting, a calendar so they can set a word count goal for every day in November (and plan for those days when they won’t be able to write), and more. I’ll also be signing teens up for the Young Writers Program, and depending on people’s interest, I may host write-ins or lead online writing sprints in November. I told our local English teachers about the program, and am hoping they send their creative writers my way!

Have you had any writing groups or programs at your library? What has been popular or successful?


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