Goals for 2017


Photo by flickr user Maurice

Looking back on 2016, it’s hard for me to say it was a good year. The election and the months leading up to it were trying, and the aftermath has been even more trying. But a few good things did happen for me. In 2016 I:

  1. Finished revising a book and queried it.
  2. Got a job as a teen librarian.
  3. Had several thought-provoking discussions about diversity and representation in the kidlit world.
  4. Joined the We Need Diverse Books Librarian Squad.
  5. Read and recommended a lot of great books.
  6. Did my first round of school visits — and was surprised and delighted to find I love school visits.
  7. Moved closer to my workplace.
  8. Learned a lot from giving feedback to and receiving feedback from critique partners.
  9. Tightened my prose by writing flash fiction.
  10. Started writing an #ownvoices book.

I didn’t accomplish everything I would’ve liked to accomplish in 2016, but I’m happy with this list. And, because I like setting goals, here are some things I’d like to do next year:

  1. Complete and query at least one new project.
  2. Read more MG books.
  3. Read more #ownvoices books.
  4. Continue learning. Always.
  5. Increase circulation of teen books at my library.
  6. Practice self-care, paying more attention to both my physical and mental health.
  7. Write something that scares me.
  8. Keep a close eye on what’s happening in our country, and speak out against threats to democracy and freedom of the press.
  9. Learn to cook at least one new dish.
  10. Take risks.

How did 2016 go for you? Do you have any goals/resolutions for the coming year?


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